Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Suck List

Reason #486 why it sucks to be a divorced woman/mother: craigslist goes from being a sort of shady but convenient way to get rid of your shit to being a necessary yet terrifying avenue for disposing of your stuff.

Case in point: I have a bunch of clothes and kid stuff for sale right now as we ready for our move to our new home. I'm literally cringing as I post my home telephone number in my ads on craigslist and saying a silent prayer that I don't hear from any weirdos, sickos or murderous villians.

I lucked out; I got two tweaked-out freaks. They called no less than three times and showed up with cash, but needing change. It took him a while to realize that I couldn't help him and after staring at me for a full 30 seconds he says "Uh, so you don't got change?" Right... I thought we had established that. Another 30 seconds goes by and he comes out with the brilliant "Uh I gotta go to the store I guess." Yep, I guess so.

Meanwhile his friend is hanging his head out the passenger window of the vehicle, bobbing his head much like residents of psychiatric facilities the world over. The music must have been amazing in the rusted-out Cutlass they were rolling in.

Every hair on my head is standing at attention while waiting for this kid to return with correct change and relieve me of my precious baby girls' clothes. It's all I can do to send the clothes home with him. He squeals away from the curb, his co-pilot banging his hand on the door and shaking his head like it's his Job.

Although glad to have the exchange over, I'm beyond creeped out that this duo now knows where I live and how I look in my sweats. Gross. Moving day can't come soon enough.

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