Monday, May 9, 2011

So, I was thinking...

When I'm looking for a snack my eyes wander over the multitude of nuts in my cabinet, pausing on the peanuts, gazing past the cashews - I should really throw those out - and lingering on the salty, green, mouth polluting pistachios. I consider sitting on the couch with a little bowl of the green gems and a cold beer. My tongue reflexively starts to slip over my clean, slick molars and I sigh at the thought of the work ahead of me. Because much as I like nuts, I dislike their insistence on settling in every, single crevice in my mouth. It's all I can do to finish a handful without making a run for the floss. To be honest, I'd like to floss between every nut but that's just crazy talk. I mean really, mint wax and pistachio aren't a match made in culinary heaven. But today, my little pistachio friends called my name ever so sweetly and the crunchy, tasty little morsels won. I'll regret it in an hour but for now, I'm happy with my nuts and beer. Life is good.

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