Monday, May 2, 2011

Dear Fynn Maxwell,

I'm watching you play in your exersaucer today as you chew voraciously on a crinkly toy you got from your auntie. You are babbling on about your short nap and how you're just so happy to be up and playing with me while your siblings nap. I realized today that you are almost six months old and it nearly brought me to tears. How did this happen?! When I think back to all that has happened in your short life I am amazed.

You were born into chaos and uncertainty, an unstable home at best. Within mere weeks of your birth you'd been to Disney World, had your first two airline flights and witnessed (?) the separation of your parents' marriage and subsequent divorce. Horrific as it sounds, well, it was. But you, along with your brother and sister are thankfully (hopefully) young enough that you won't have memories of the Before and I'm working hard to make sure the After is a wonderful, stable and happy life.

You are the sweetest, happiest and most easy-going little lovey. You were a suprise gift from God and my life has been enriched in countless ways because of you. You brought a sense of balance to our otherwise chaotic life and gave me a new sense of direction and a renewed purpose. I wake up every day with the goal of making a better life for you and your brother and sister; the three of you are the reason for all that I do.

I love you, Fynn Maxwell. Thank you for giving me the courage to change our lives. Please don't hurry to grow up, you're already moving much too fast for me.

All my love,

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