Monday, May 2, 2011

Dear Vicks Baby Rub,

I purchased you with the expectation that you are the Real Thing, toned down for the wee ones. Imagine my disgust when I opened the package and was not assaulted at all, but welcomed by the kindly fragrance of lemongrass and lavender. Really?

I buy Vicks Vaporub because I want it to burn the congestion out of my entire head. I expect it to hurt, that's how I know its working. But this? A small layer of this rubbed gently into my congested baby's chest did nothing but make me want to fire up my tea pot and have a cup of English Breakfast. Baby was none for the better nor was I because he Still Couldn't Sleep.

I love the original, but this baby business is crap.

Still Congested and Sleeplessly yours,

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