Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nice to meet you?

At what point does a somewhat awkward social situation go from uncomfortable to ridiculous? Let me explain: I have met a particular women in my community on no less than 25 separate occasions over the past four years. We've been introduced and chatted multiple times, she is a Facebook "friend" and she pretends she doesn't know me every time we are introduced. Again. For the umpteenth time. I mean, really. When, exactly, will this no longer be embarrassing for me and turn into embarrassment for her? Because four years in, we haven't reached that threshold and I'm getting real tired of pretending I've never met this bitch before. Particularly because I end up "meeting" her several times a year.

I know who her husband is and I've seen him on a few occasions, but he doesn't know my name (how could he? his wife has no idea who I am) and though we've never been introduced, he always greets me with the politeness reserved for the token Hello when passing someone you recognize. Perfectly acceptable; he doesn't know me but does recognize my earthly presence and treats me in kind. Not so much for his Very Busy and Important wife.

While I may be a passive-aggressive person by nature, I am usually good at controlling my natural instincts in public. That said, I'm sick of this shit and I've no doubt that I will once again be forced to "meet" this woman over the holiday season - if I'm lucky, maybe even more than once. Wheeee! I'm marinating some ideas for taking care of this situation once and for all. No final plans, but right now I'm leaning towards carrying a 3x5 index card with a list cataloging all of the times we've met and names of the organizations we've both been involved with. At the same time. Together. And feel free to brainstorm with me; I'm always taking suggestions.

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  1. OK, here's what you do: When next you "meet" her, while shaking hands, pull her in close and face both of you toward your cell phone. Snap a picture. Be sue to have a shit-eating grin on your face. Then, the next occasion you have to meet this woman for the "first" time, simply show her the picture on your phone. Or, if you have prior warning of this meeting, make up a nice t-shirt of the picture of the two of you and wear it.