Friday, March 25, 2011


I'm your biggest fan. You allow me the freedom to puchase, in the comfort of my own home and my third-day-in-a-row sweats, health and beauty products, household necessities and a host of other items that I don't need but would have no doubt purchased on a normal trip to Target anyway. Your prices are comparable to Target and about 15% higher than prices at Walmart. Most often, I choose you over either competitor and this is why:

*I can send in my manufacturer coupons (in postage-paid, return envelopes at that) so I don't miss out on any savings that I would be benefited from in-store.
*There is a delicious little link on the upper right-hand side of the site: Savings Center. A click of this link allows me to delight in the weekly specials at great discounts and with great e-coupons that amount to huge savings. Thank you, for giving Walmart some competition.
*Shipping is free at $39. You came out of the gates at $25 for free shipping and I have to say, that was a much better way to operate. I'm going to spend more than $40 nearly every time I go to a discount store but you lose my business for the smaller trips due to shipping costs.
*I put my order in on Friday and get it by Monday. I could kiss you for this. Really.
*I have yet to find a product that I need, that you don't offer.
*You have amazing prices on vitamins and supplements. My kids thank you as well, for the heaping handful of vitamins that I send their way each morning.

I love you, You are easy to use and save me time and effort that I'd rather utilize elsewhere. Lower shipping costs and you'll be a perfect 10.


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