Monday, July 25, 2011

Mid-Week, Midnight Tobie's

A few weeks ago my job took me to Ham Lake for an evening and on the drive home I found myself blinking for what some might consider "too long". After two, count them, TWO failed attempts at finding an open McDonald's I decided to hit up Tobie's. I figured I could get a good cup of coffee and something to munch on while I tried to wake up enough to get myself home. Alive.

Jessica seated me in the booth across from the 70-somethings and right behind the young couple who were very enamored of one another. So much so, in fact, that I think he ate his entire meal out of her mouth. Fran came to take my order and brought me a steaming cup of brown water. Tobie's is known for their caramel rolls and various other delicious baked goods, right? Right... In my delirious state I seem to have forgotten that and instead ordered some sort of  club-ish sandwich and a side-salad consisting of four pieces of brown, iceberg lettuce and one radish. It was just as delicious as it sounds.

By now it's about 12:45 am and for the life of me I can't figure out what the 70-somethings are still doing in a restaurant, besides enjoying their pancakes and scratch-offs. A lovely couple comes in as Fran brings me a to-go cup of hot, musty water to keep me company on the ride home. The newcomers take a seat and my night is now complete. She's wearing biker shorts that I'm pretty sure were purchased in 1993 along with a halter top that may have been black at one point but is now a dusty, dirty grey-brown. Her ensemble is topped off nicely with a neon green fanny pack. His ponytail is longer than hers and his chaps seem a bit unnecessary considering they rolled up in a Buick. But who am I to judge?

Thanks for a great evening, Tobie's. I credit the brown water for getting me home safely.

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