Friday, November 30, 2012

Spilled Milk

I was given this card after the birth of one of my children and laughed because it'd never happened to me. Until the fateful weekend when my now ex-husband left the freezer door ajar while we were out of town; an entire grocery bag of frozen breast milk thawed and had to be tossed. My daughter was only a few weeks old and I screamed at him "That was all the colostrum, you idiot!!It's like liquid gold! I can never get that back! Never!" I sobbed for an entire hour, inconsolably. Perhaps my post-partum hormone festival had something to do with my reaction, but I still say that the loss of 100+ oz of breast milk totally justifies my hysteria.


  1. Thanks for brightening my day, Leah! I certainly would have been inconsolable if this would have happened to me. It really is "liquid gold".

    I realize that your divorce most likely had nothing to do with this incident- but that is where my mind went and I was giggling over the "ramifications of his actions in this case".

  2. Well, thanks a lot. Now I'm mad at your ex...even though it was an accident. But, holy hell: a grocery bag's worth of breast milk? I. will. never. get. over. that. on. your. behalf.